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        On one hand there is Shakespeare's Hamlet who sits in a room by himself and contemplates his state of confusion and unrest by saying, "To be, or not to be".  On the other hand there is Daniel Martin Molliver who believes in action and speaks outside this box to positively motivate himself and others by saying,  "TO be, or make it to be."  He is a lecturer, the Author of Making Your Own Trail, and the president of  His advice is intense and action oriented. As Daniel sees it, "It's about making your strength alive, awake -- blessed and noticed!  No more games and no more bull.  In order to reach your trail, you need in action, style, faith, love, charisma, strength, and love to do, show, and tell.                                                                                This is a legendary time of life."

       Speaking of legends, big things happen in small towns and in Duncansville, Pennsylvania Daniel Molliver's life was given the stuff of legend.  In 2002 he wrote Making Your Own Trail while he was recovering from a severe brain injury.  He considers himself to be a striver, a strong believer, an athlete, and a worker.  He believes that success must be sought after and desired in order to be achieved, and that achieving success is a matter applying faith to hard work.  Prior to his accident Daniel was a striver, for example he graduated from Juniata College in 1997.  He has continued his higher education at Penn State Altoona.  Although engaging one's own abilities to make a positive change is a key component of Making Your Own Trail,  Mr. Molliver's philosophy stresses the importance of maintaining a relationship with Jesus and one's family and believes that is essential to leading a happy, successful life.  The route you choose is up to you and as Daniel Molliver says, "Life is always described as a metaphor.  A journey, battle, race --  select your own as a trail or climb.  A journey must be completed, a battle finished, a race won, but your own trail must be climbed to reach and to grow to what your top will be."                                         continue on to

Making Your Own Trail
"To be, or make it to be"